Fivemile River Residence in Darien, CT 06820

About This Project

This project started as a one-acre property, located in Darien CT, looking at the mouth of the Five Mile River. The existing structure was demolished and we began to explore the best possible position for the new home. This was determined by the angle that captured the best light and panoramas out toward the water. The site was of particular interest to this client as they enjoyed the constant boat activity that you see in and near the harbor. The property itself had interesting topography with large, exposed sections of stone ledge. Rather than blasting the property and starting over with a level parcel, we decided to take advantage of these multi layers to design the signature look of the new house. This can be seen on the approach to the front door where the proportion of scale is very natural. It is only by walking around the back to the waterside of the house that you see the buildings’ mass.  This house is approximately 11,000 s.f. and the wings of the home taper down together with the rooflines to help the building blend into its landscape. The goal of this project was to create a series of intimate rooms that tied together in a seamless and modern way. An open floor plan was used to accomplish this objective and some beautiful finishing detail can be seen in the Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room and Library.

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Darien Connecticut