Modern Shippan Residence in Stamford, CT 06902

About This Project

This project presented a very interesting challenge for both the homeowners and the architect. The couple inherited a fairly traditional Cape style house on the water in Shippan Point, Stamford CT. They looked for a Fairfield County architect who would explore renovating the house in a modernist way. In the first meeting, Robert Cardello suggested that they remove the main central fireplace, which in turn opened up the plan dramatically. A bridge idea was also developed to connect the north and south wings of the house (Master Suite and Children’s Bedrooms). The beauty in the project is found in the contradiction between the front and the back. The front maintains its traditional cape-cod style roots, offering subtle hints toward modern, while the back truly exposes the aesthetics of modern home design. On the interiors you’ll find a myriad of finishes that help to reflect the overall simplistic and modern feel of the project.

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Stamford Connecticut